Pre-Brexit Shock on Amazon

Did anyone else out there wake up to an email from Amazon warning me of sudden price changes in certain products I subscribe to? Well, I did, and was still groggy when I read the notice, trying to wrap my sleepy brain around the concept. Let me clarify: ever since I moved to Berlin in 2017, I buy certain products from the Amazon Pantry on a subscribe and save basis, or the Spar-Abo as it is called on Because they are bulk items, it was a pretty good deal compared to what I would pay in a local supermarket, and the products were delivered every two months or so.

Fast-forward to February 2019, less than to months before Brexit. Customer service notified me on a price increase in my pantry box scheduled for February 11 delivery, and the last day to make changes is February 6. So far so good, since usually it is a matter of a couple of Euro cents, presumably due to conversion. What greeted me this morning, however, was a price increase of 21 Pounds!!! I almost fell out of my chair and proceeded to cancel the entire subscription.

For Amazon heavy users like yours truly who are based in Europe, Brexit will change the way we shop online. The facility of ordering online across the various Amazons, English books in particular, will die a sudden death. Those who refused to switch over to e-books in the past will be more than willing to do so now because they can be drawn from from your local or regional Amazon. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Amazon Marketplace sellers are also grumbling and are at a loss on what it will cost in terms of shipping fees for products to and from the UK after March. In some cases it will be almost cheaper to order from…

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