11 Things To Remember

Everything Changes ©FrogDiva Photography

when going through tough times:

  1. Everything changes. Your story is constantly evolving. So, even if you’re not sure what to do to make things better right now, just know that you will not always feel stuck.
  2. You’ve overcome challenges in the past. You have the power, ingenuity and problem-solving skills to overcome this one too.
  3. Even when you feel stuck, there’s something valuable to learn from your situationWhat can you learn from this one? 
  4. If you think back, you’ll be able to remember a time when not getting what you wanted led to something even better down the road. Sometimes, not getting what you think you want can be a blessing in disguise. 
  5. Allow yourself some time to just have fun. Do something that makes you laugh, be playful and childlike, and spend time with people who know how to put a smile on your face.
  6. Self-care is crucial to your overall well-being. Being kind to yourself is the best way to promote physical and psychological healing.
  7. Try to shut out the negativity of other people—whether it’s directed at you or the world in general, it’s not worth worrying about. Negativity is toxic, so close your heart to it and focus on your own reserves of positivity.
  8. You have dozens of unique strengths as a person. Ask a close friend or family member what they appreciate about you, or simply make a quick list of the strengths you know you have.
  9. Anything is possible. The world contains limitless resources for you to work with, and the only thing limiting you is your imagination and self-confidence.
  10. Truly great things generally take time to achieve or arrive. If you’re feeling stuck because you’re impatient to meet a goal, try to be patient.
  11. Finally, there is always something to be thankful for. Even just a few minutes spent appreciating 3-5 things about your day can show you that you’re not as stuck as you thought you were. (source: http://www.thelawofattraction.com)

It is never easy to remember that the hard times are just temporary, and the way out of them lies within us. Point #11 is what gets me through the darkest of days and allows me to close my eyes at night, even for just a few hours.

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