Flower Photography Should Be Banned

I mean this with all my heart after I just deleted all my photographs on Instagram this morning .

In the garden or a pond but not a photograph ©MTHerzog

As you all know, photography is an integral part of my soul, but for the life of me, I absolutely detest floral photography and have little respect for people who photograph just flowers. It is a betrayal of the essence of photography and does the flower(s) a great injustice. They belong in nature, and if need be, from time to time in a vase but not a photograph.

Flower photography is for cowards and bored people who have run out of inspiration or are incapable of photographing people, scenes, situations and the rest of life.

What has brought on this rage? Instagram, Facebook and all the photography platforms around the globe who flood the web with flower and petals. If it isn’t tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms in the spring, then it is bloody roses,  sunflowers and dahlias in the summer and autumn. It is nauseating and infuriating. I am sick and tired of it, not to mention absolutely disgusted.

A photograph of a flower carries no message, tells no story (I’m sorry, no it doesn’t, no matter how hard the story or sexual undertone is forced upon it), insinuates no aroma, and certainly doesn’t tickle the imagination. So what is the point?


  1. Oy, dont look at my blo’s header…
    I can see where you’re coming from. But I also agree with Harper, there are some lovely pics of flowery scenes sometimes. Wildflowers growing on railroad tracks always appear awesome to me. Like a hint of beauty breaking through the rough and old, ya know?

  2. I’ll vote for that, can’t stand flower shots, although very rarely a photograph does appear that has outstanding beauty, light and so on. I feel the same with photos of birds, can we ban them too whilst we’re at it? Each to their own I suppose and of course as always it’s subjective. You’re going to hate this; ‘hell hath no fury like a cat photographer scorned’…I want cat photos banned too. I like flowers and birds, I love cats and at one time in my life had two living with me and when they passed away had another four. I’m just not a fan of their photos, once again very occasionally I see one I like.
    Anyway, I’m off to take some photos of my dogs…!
    My warmest possible regards to you Tess

      1. Good point, I forgot, insects too can go into Room 101. Anything rescued is permissible. Anyway more pointless than all of that are photos of cameras and lenses…we’ll put them on the list!

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