There are millions of people around the globe who wail about going back to school or work on Monday. It is almost embarrassing to admit it, but I loved Mondays as a student because I got to escape the close scrutiny of my parents for a few hours a day. Later on, when I started working, I actually looked forward to being among the colleagues again. Weird? Yes. Unusual? No. Mondays give me a chance to start anew and work with a feasible timeframe.

Tangible ©MTHerzog

I have been in therapy for almost a year now and I am still a long way from where I need to be, but I am grateful to be much further along from where I began. For example, instead of crawling from one day to the next, I can now work with a week and a month perspective. Don’t ask me about six months from now, or even a year ahead because the thought terrifies me. Small steps, tangible goals, and everything at a pace that embraces current age, health, state of mind, and general equilibrium.

Prayer and Faith are friends that I have neglected, but they never left me and offered the comfort I needed during my darkest nights.

I was raised to be grateful for the sun and the blue skies, but life taught me lessons through the rain and the clouds.

Learn to swim I was told, but I found out that sinking made me stronger.