Living With Cats: Ready for Winter

If I could re-name my three cats based on their current appearances, they would be Lumpy, Grumpy and Frumpy

Not very flattering, I admit, but considering the way they have fluffed up and are proudly sporting their winter coats already (and resenting every minute of the unexpected warm October), my girls are anything but dainty at the moment. After cat sitting for heavy short-haired cats all this week, mine seem so small in comparison. Never judge the book by the cover though, and these rescued girls are anything but push-overs. They are survivors who have a lot to teach the world, but also a lot to learn.

The most important lesson in the past month for them has been play and share. Without any interference of mine whatsoever, the ladies have settled into a routine that satisfies curiosity and respects personal space. Trust is something all three of them have issues with, although it is slowly growing amongst them, and companionship is definitely present, but friendship will take time, and that is something Lolita does not have much of. Quite unexpectedly, solidarity has emerged in the most peculiar manner. If there is something wrong with one, the other two will be on alert and let me know.

It is not much different from humans and sometimes I think animals have stronger values and bonds, or at least understand and appreciate them better, than humans. Like me, Champagne, Cherry and Lolita forgive but never forget. They remember the pain,  the abuse, and the abandonment – and will take a long time to repair broken trust. Dogs are generally more forgiving and can be reached out to with food and playtime, but a cat will take its own sweet time to consider you trustworthy again. That is right up my alley.

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