Another Apple Story

This has nothing to do with apples from neighbours this time… but an apple nevertheless.

Last May a wonderful company called Fruitful Office began delivering a basket of fresh fruits to our office on a weekly basis. This is a service offered exclusively for companies all over Germany, and not private households. It offers everyone the chance to meet the daily vitamin requirements and weens some people off cookies, pastries and sweets. A healthier lifestyle altogether that is a great perk. We chose the seasonal basket, which means that most of the content varies according to the current offerings of Mother Nature. Summer was great with all the peaches and apricots, and now that Autumn is around the corner, we have switched to plums and big fat grapes. Naturally, the basic apples, pears and bananas are always included.

An apple a day… ©MTHerzog

The local bakery I pass every morning on my way to work is probably wondering why I stopped buying my daily pastries, and I don’t have the heart to tell them that I found a healthier alternative! I do miss my croissants from time to time or the Franzbrötchenwhich is an odd cross of a doughnut and a croissant, but loaded with cinnamon. Yumm!

When registering with Fruitful Office for the first time, it is important to give the exact headcount in order to prevent wastage. I have to say, the basket content is precise (well, this is Germany, so I expect nothing less) and even though we have a fluctuating number of people in the office each week, on Fridays there is usually only one lonely apple or pear leftover. On Monday mornings, the leftover fruit is set aside, the empty basket is collected and replaced with a fully-laden one. It was in this context that I spotted an apple in the office kitchen and immediately assumed it was a Friday Child. So I washed it, and munched it down the hallway back to my desk. By lunchtime my colleague grumbled “what happened to my apple?” Oooops! It turned out I had eaten an apple he had brought from Poland and was looking forward to having with his lunch. That will teach me to grab a lonely apple in the kitchen!

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