Letter To An Angel

Linda’s Sunset ©MTHerzog

Dearest Angel of Mine,

You were there from the very beginning of my darkness, as light and shadow formed part of my existence. It was your voice that soothed my unknown fears.

As I took the first tentative steps in this crazy, cruel world, the eyes of others judging you and ostracising me, your hand held mine tightly. No storm was too great for you to overcome.

You taught how to fight, but also to play, to write, to love with all my being, to be loyal, to care for others above and beyond the call of duty, to serve family, God and the community, to reach out to the poor, to ignore titles, to march fearlessly into the unknown, to curse at those eager to destroy me, and to uplift the downtrodden.

I stumbled and fell, you picked me up.
I cried, you dried the tears.
I despaired, you embraced me.
I lost, you found.
I hurt, you soothed.

You smile was my peace.
Your fury, a source of terror.
Your courage, my inspiration.
Your strength, my sail.
Your death, my darkness.

The lessons from the kitchen of life I will always carry with me. Deal with the heat, you always told me, and don’t be afraid of the small accidents, they will always happen. Just carry on and do the best you can, but always, always cook with love.

Today we would have celebrated your 84th birthday and if I could have just one wish granted today it would be to take you in my arms again and feel your laughter and hear your voice.

I will always grieve your absence, and miss your presence every waking breath of my soul, but life goes on, and the best I can do to honour your angel wings is to fly above the darkness.

Happy birthday Mommy dearest.
I blub you.

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