Veni, Vidi, Veneto

I could be Julius Caesar and use Vici instead as I do feel stabbed in the back … but not now, not for this trip down memory lane.

My holidays are cancelled for the rest of the year, at least long ones. That is not a problem, since I love relaxing at home with the cats these days. The sun and the river in my corner of the world are holiday enough for me, especially if I can carve out some personal time to write and catch up with paperwork. Every now and then I do miss my home office, and if only there were more guarantees of financial stability in being a freelancer I would jump right back. That not being the case, I am content to roam around the city pretending I am a tourist, or comb through some of my photo archives and dig around for some old treasures.

Canal Grande a la Boticelli ©MTHerzog

Kawabanga! I opened an old file of photos I had take back in the day I still used film and a Nikon camera. There was a familiar sense of nostalgia for bygone times and lost moments, but at least I have the images to remind me of an unforgettable place.

Gondoliers on a break ©MTHerzog

It was fun to be my own critic, grimacing at the shots and the perspectives, at the same time happy to see how far I have come since then. So I re-processed some old photographs with current editing software and came up with some viable results.

Delivery by boat ©MTHerzog

Venice is full of cliches, and whatever you read about Venice is probably true, ranging from the overpriced food, the ridiculous prices of coffee at the Piazza di San Marco, and the outrageous costs of the gondolas. All I can think of when I see the Canale Grande these days is the scene from James Bond in Casino Royale, as it all came crumbling down. Strangely enough, of all the places I have visited in Italy thus far, this is the one place I am not eager to return to.

I am in the process of cleaning out a lot of old files, discarding what I no longer need to keep, or want to. This is a necessary process from time to time, not just to de-clutter, but it is a form of emotional cleansing as well. Some things that were long forgotten get a final look before I close the chapter.

Farewells are important to me. Without them there can be no closure or healing.

Click HERE for the full set of photographs

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