Yellow Me

Yellow has never been my colour, not even my favourite colour, unlike a cousin of mine, who basically wore only yellow and would buy everything yellow. I, on the other hand, have distanced myself from it for as long as I can remember. Perhaps the bee stings had something to do with it, and after discovering that I am highly allergic to bee stings, yellow was definitely out of my wardrobe.

Yellow Me ©MTHerzog

Yellow flowers in summer, on the other hand, are something else. Remember I told you the other day about the new path to the bus stop that takes me past the buffalos and through the fields? Nature always has a way of charming me back into re-discovering myself and reconnecting with things I have spent years avoiding, both in the positive and negative sense. As if I was meant to have another reality-check, all these beautiful yellow flowers lined my path yesterday.

Summer and sunshine have taken a break in Berlin and the dreary grey clouds are back with a vengeance. While I trudged along, sorely regretting my choice of jacket on the way to the bus stop and ignoring the surroundings, these flowers seemed to jump out and bend gently towards me. So of course I stopped and said hello. I really don’t care whether it is a curious buffalo, an unfriendly Chihuahua, or a patch of flowers, the smile of a soul messenger and a nature soul-hug make all the difference.

One just has to be willing to see.

I left home with the blues and arrived with the yellows – what does that even mean? Probably nothing to anyone else, but to me it means it was time to snap out of the doom and gloom and remember to stop and admire the gifts of life.

Gratitude, awareness, sensitivity, and hope.


  1. Love yellow, especially flowers during late spring and summer. I have no idea what leaving with the blues or arriving with yellows means either Tess, what I do know is that yellows must beat the blues every time…unless it’s music; that doesn’t make sense either, but you know what I mean!
    Always an interesting read and I do read every post.

    1. Thank you Mr. Leica Biker, ditto right back at you! Love every post and adventure of yours. Life is a constant adventure and all we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride!

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