In Search of a Home

I normally don’t make public appeals on someone else’s behalf, but ever since I got involved with rescue animals, I decided that I might as well go the whole hog, as the saying goes. This time there are two Weimeraner hunting dogs involved who need a new home:

20180311_120605 (1)
Need a new home!

Aged three and four years, these sweet pooches are not for beginners or people who have never owned dogs before. They are big, active, powerful, and need a lot of space. Dominant personalities, they will take over your life and stretch your arms if you are not careful. Like most other hunting dogs, they are very enthusiastic when it comes to outdoor activity and can easily lose control of themselves. They haven’t been to training school, and the only reason they are up for adoption is that both their current 80-year-old owners can no longer keep up with them physically.

Understandably, the profile of these dogs require immediately narrows down the possible candidates. If you live near an open field or forest, have a large property where they can run to their hearts’ content, then these wonderful Weimeraner are meant for you. A note on the location: they currently reside in North Germany but can be transported to any location on continental Europe. Drop me a line on this blog if you are interested.

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