Champagne Trails: Furry Friends

It is our second weekend together as an extended family, and Kessy, Champagne and I have settled in together beautifully. Bonding with Kessy is absolutely no problem and the feeling seems to be mutual, because she has lost all shyness in asking for food, affection and attention. The first week she was very reluctant to sit on my lap, but she has (re-) discovered the joy of cuddling up on a cold winter’s night.

Kessy (15) and Champagne (4.5) ©MTHerzog

Champagne lives up to her Thai heritage, trying her best to make friends, and Kessy is finally letting her guard down and reciprocating. I will often find them in the same room now, and one always wants to know what the other is up to. Kessy is not always in the mood to play rough, so she draws the line with a single hiss and that changes the course of things immediately.

These two cats are doing more for me than the other way around. They offer me companionship and affection in the most comforting manner. When the nights are dark and the tears can’t stop, I will find a snorting or purring cat beside me, waddling up to me, looking up inquisitively. Champagne worries when I lie in bed in the dark at an odd hour, and Kessy will place her paw on my arm. They may not yet be the best of friends to each other yet, but we are becoming a good team.

When the anxiety attacks hit in the middle of the night and I feel desolate, all I have to do is call out to the two cats softly and will get two responses: a snort and sneeze from Champagne – remember, this is the cat who only meows in an emergency; and a half purr and meow from Kessy. Both cats are rescue cases, and now the tables are turned and I believe they are determined to rescue me.

A friend recently told me: pets never betray you. And she is absolutely right. I can count of my furry friends to be there in my darkest hour, and I know they will not abandon me or treat me like dirt. Their love is unconditional, and they accept me with all my faults and shortcomings, never trying to mould me into somebody else, and actually believe that I am worth more than a food bowl. If they had a camera they would probably even consider me worth a photograph or two.

Click HERE to see the photos from the first joint photo session.

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