Kessy’s Diary: The First Night

As you can imagine, I didn’t get much sleep last night. Between Champagne’s snoring and a restless Kessy who couldn’t quite settle down, my sleep was, pardon the pun, a series of cat naps. There was no fighting or squabbles between the two female Persians, except a disagreement about who had right of way to the toilet. They have three to choose from, but for some reason they both prefer one particular one. Cat logic was never intended for human understanding.

Getting to know you… ©MTHerzog

Before I took Kessy home from the Berlin Animal Shelter, a long briefing regarding her inability to eat much and not being very clean was part of the list of instructions. So far, Kessy hasn’t stopped munching. She sleeps and eats, doesn’t like the wet food, so there is this constant crunching in the background. It is hilarious to listen to because it really sounds like a grandmother chewing her food, ever so slowly, scowling and if you interrupt her she will give you a dirty look. It takes her forever to declare her eating time over, but does have an appetite.

What a difference a day makes! ©MTHerzog 

The two cats require different kinds of food. Champagne is on hypoallergenic food because of her skin allergies and sensitive stomach, whereas Kessy is loaded up with the renal food. I can’t stop Champagne from tasting Kessy’s food, and it won’t really do her much damage if she does, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Much to my surprise, however, after a few times of ushering Kessy gently away from Champagne’s bowl, she doesn’t bother with it anymore.

Sleep I must…©MTHerzog 

The fate of any photographer’s pet is to become a model at all times of the daily routine. Champagne is used to it and will shamelessly pose for a shot, flaunting her eyes. Kessy is just learning about cameras, but hasn’t complained so far. Unlike her housemate, however, Kessy asks for “payment”, boldly placing a paw on my hand to declare a cuddle break. In terms of personalities, Champagne remains very Thai – friendly, hospitable to everyone who rings the bell, flexible, and will politely sit through all situations. Kessy, on the other hand, is pure bred Berliner Schnauze! If she doesn’t agree with something it will be made known, loudly. But like most Berliners, once you get through the gruff exterior,  heart of gold is to be found.

Thank you to all those who wrote in or sent messages wanting to know how Kessy was settling in, or how Champagne was taking it. I desperately want to cheat Death and extend Kessy’s life expectancy. How wonderful it would be if I had four years instead of four months with her! But I shouldn’t be greedy. Having her at all is already a blessing.

click HERE for the full set of photographs

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