Champagne Trails: Winter Decadence

When it comes to being a Diva, everything points to Champagne, and I don’t mean the bubbly liquid sort. The four-legged Persian who shares my life and home, can be very bubbly, is none other than my feline daughter. She rules my life in a manner that transcends the simple meaning of “pet”.

Born in the rural areas of Thailand roughly three hours away from Bangkok, up until July of 2017, Champagne has lived only in tropical countries. When she landed in Berlin, the change in temperature was a huge shock to her system both physically and mentally, even though it was technically already summer. A life with four changing seasons is something very new to her, and together we battled our way through autumn and are jointly miserable in winter.

Winter Decadence ©MTHerzog

Ah yes, winter… Champagne might as well be the Christmas Grinch, since she doesn’t understand the cold winds, the unpleasant hail, and much less, the strange concept called snow. Or doesn’t want to. Summer and autumn were good times to lounge outside on the balcony and spy on the neighbours (two very shy cats), but with gusty nordic winds blowing through Europe at the moment, each time I open the door and usher her out, Champagne snorts indignantly me, clearly saying “it’s bloody cold you foolish human! Just what exactly do you expect me to do out there?” – as if the weather were somehow my fault.

It has not been easy to get her to accept the new three-tiered scratch tower, but now that winter is here, curling up into a furry cinnamon bun by the window seems perfectly acceptable all of a sudden. She hogs the bedroom while I work in the next room, and relaxes to her cat music playlist on YouTube that plays softly in the background from my iPad. Go ahead, shake your head, I would too if she weren’t my cat.

We both decided that life is too short not to enjoy the finer things in life. So we use the good dishes, don’t scrimp on candles, and for the cat it means switching from cheap plastic feeding containers (now demoted to travel equipment) to exquisite antique crystal bowls placed on a granite tray. Oh, and we do not do the peasant thing anymore and drink from the tap, but delicately sip our water from the cat water fountain.


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