Champagne Trails: The Travel Countdown

Ready to face the world ©MTHerzog

As I write this my head is spinning from the jet lag, and I struggle to figure out what day of the week it is. Traveling back to Asia is always more difficult than to Europe, but I can’t really complain because by the time I get over my jet lag it is time to get back on the plane.

What a joy it is to be reunited with my dear cat after three months! She came to meet me at the airport, and for the first 12 hours decided to give me the cold shoulder, showing her displeasure at our separation. When we packed up the flat – remember that I extended my rent contract before I left just so that she could stay there with her caregiver and sit out the required quarantine period for importing her into Europe and await the Rabies Tither blood test results from Australia – she knew something was up again but that this time she was involved.

Some pets have a security blanket, Champagne has a security frog… ©MTHerzog

Champagne’s displeasure continued when we got into the car the next morning and drove straight to the vet. She gave me the dirtiest look… “You vanish for all that time and then the first thing you do is bring me to the vet?!” This was the pre-departure check-up, involving deworming and the last test for parasites. For the first time the vet remarked that Champagne was not as cooperative as she usually is, which made me wonder. She refused to swallow the pill, so she. had to be given the liquid version but she spat that out as well and made a mess of her self (and she had just come from the groomers the day before). The little Diva decided to sulk the rest of the day and give me the evil eye.

Once we settled down, however, and went to the beach the next day she calmed down although she still suspects something is up because her carrier, kitty litter and all her feeders are with us now, in addition to the suitcases.

I am taking every precaution that is within my power to organize to ensure her safe travel from Manila to Berlin via Istanbul. After Thai Airways lost my cat Mulan in 2014 while she was in the cargo area waiting to be loaded onto the plane from Delhi to Bangkok, I am not prepared to lose Champagne. She will be treated with VIP status here in Manila but sadly, my connections don’t extend to Turkey or Berlin. I just have to hope that there are no untoward incidents along the way and that she doesn’t get put on a flight to Casablanca instead.

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