Moving Tales: Tragedy or Comedy?

andresr21895_tnsTo say that I am terribly disappointed is the understatement of the month for me. After three months of waiting to be reunited with my household items, D-Day for the container delivery was scheduled for 8:00am today. It arrived in Bremerhaven last week and sailed through customs without any further ado. I even received the confirmation email two days ago that the scheduled delivery was going ahead as planned. Imagine my excitement when I saw the street signs placed outside my building blocking off the sidewalk for the entire day.

Out of sheer restlessness, I was awake by 4:30am this morning, and was raring to go. I could barely sit still to drink my coffee, imagining how nice it was going to be this evening to be surrounded by everything familiar, near and dear. The crew showed up shortly past 8:00am but at the same time I received a phone call informing me that the truck had encountered mechanical trouble at the port and would be arriving in Berlin only at 12:00 noon. OK… the crew and I stared at each other helplessly. I gave them coffee and then they went on their merry way for a while, returning at 11:30 for lunch, all of us eagerly awaiting the arrival of the container. I had even prepared the distribution list for them, what boxes go where, a detail they grinned at.

andresr21895_tnsby 12:15 it was all over. I received another phone call saying that the truck had major mechanical failure (still in the Bremerhaven area) and would only reach Berlin 6:00pm. Needless to say, I was speechless and too shocked to even get mad. All crews are fully booked for the next days so the container will go into storage first, since I have to fly out to pick up Champagne in Manila.

What really got my goat was that there is absolutely no possibility of pulling together another crew to do the job. Thinking back at all the moving crews I have been through in Delhi, Thailand and Manila, I clearly recall a constant movement and change in personnel because some were being pulled to other locations to supplement the crew there if it was an extraordinary circumstance or a VIP was involved.

Well, I am certainly not VIP, nor do I possess diplomatic status, and I apparently don’t qualify as extraordinary circumstance either in order for a a back-up crew to be put together. Or maybe it boils down to a manpower shortage in Germany. At this point, the disappointment and frustration is too great for me to care. The next delivery date I have been given is July 3, the day after I return to Berlin with Champagne.

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