Moments With The Muse*

*Click HERE to read the article with the full set of photographs

When my one and only child spread her wings and went off to college, the feeling of Empty Nest is more powerful than anything. The sense of loss and uncertainly what to do with my life after all the years of building it around my child’s needs can only be compared to having the rug pulled from under me. It certainly didn’t help matters when she moved away to another continent! So now I live for the moments that I am able to share with her, dropping everything and exist in a world of suspended animation.

FrogDiva Jr ©MTHerzog

The joy for me is not just being able to pamper her again, but also to photograph my muse, who is usually willing to let her mother take a few practice shots. Portraiture is not my comfort zone, basically because I intensely dislike posed shots, and I don’t have the proper equipment for it as well, relying entire on natural light all the time.

It was a lovely mother-daughter morning that began with fixing each other’s hair, just like we did years ago when I could still bend down and comb her hair. The morning light in the conservatory was so lovely that I simply had to reach for my camera.

Time is short and the older I get the more desperate I get to live by carpe diem, regardless of whether that is with or without the camera.

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