After All That Time in Italy…

  • I can’t stand the sight of another slice of pizza
  • Panini is word that will make my hair stand up
  • Pasta is banned from my kitchen for the next month
  • My coffee needs to be potent enough to be considered “resurrection juice”
  • Coffeemate or any other coffee creamer is out of the question, only warm foamy milk processed in my aerolatte will do
  • Ferrero is your best friend in terms of sweets – especially something with the ridiculous name of Tronky, that resemble tree logs (from which it gets its name) but are the Italian cousins of KitKat.
  • TIM is not short for Timothy, but a very reliable mobile phone provider with generous terms
  • Coccoli is not a form of meningitis, but rather something typical Florentine and delicious
Coccoli and Prosciutto Crudo with a cup of cream cheese. ©MTHerzog
  • prosciutto crudo is nothing vulgar or rude, but your basic dry cured ham
  • Mamma Mia! is not an ABBA musical, but an adorable expression of surprise, especially when faced with a mountain of luggage to carry up several flights of stairs
  • Spazzolino is not a toy or a cute bear, but your essential toothbrush
  • Fame is not of the Hollywood type, but pronounced phonetically it means hunger
  • Sprezzatura means the grunge look with flip-flops or even sneakers is out of the question – style, Bella, style!
  • Ciao is as vague as the local punctuality, or the Hawaiian Aloha… relative, and applicable to your current relationship to the door: meaning both hello and good bye
  • Florentine steak is the stuff of nightmares with individual sizes that will feed an entire village!

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