The Apprentice – Part II*

This was the third trip outdoors for Champagne, my dwarf Persian cat. She is a city girl and 98% indoor dweller. Up until earlier this week, her only trips in the car were to and from the vet, which she took in stride. The second trip to Manila Bay was too windy so she stayed inside her bag most of the time and watched the people and dogs pass by. Today, however, it was a whole new adventure. We went to another part of the bay where there were less people. This time she was too intrigued to let the opportunity pass so she came out to explore.

mb2.8.16bIt was serious business for the little lady, as she came to terms with the new and unfamiliar terrain. The leash is also new to her, but she is a quick (and obedient) study. Champagne understood she was allowed to go anywhere she wanted, but not too far from the person holding the other end of the leash. The rough ground was exciting, but when she came up to the rock and faced the wind, the tables were turned and she lost her courage. The rocks were fine, and wind tolerable if she turned the other way, but the salty sea water was not fun.

Car rides are now a thing of enjoyment and the little lady continues to be fascinated with the horrendous traffic. The closer the other cars the more interested she gets. Free-flowing traffic are a reason to snooze in her opinion. But she discovered the little space between the front and passenger seat and decided that she can get a brilliant vantage point. In addition, when we stopped for gas Champagne was incredibly curious. It worked both ways, all the staff members at the station were also curious about her and milled around the car as if there was a superstar.

*for the complete version of this story with the full set of photographs: The Apprentice – Part II 

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