Category: Battling depression

Prague Diary: Down By The River

There are few cities in Europe that inspire so much visual poetry like Prague. Some will rightly argue that Cologne, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, and Zaragoza are just a few others that will leave you spellbound with their historical significance, grandiose architecture and poignant water elements as well. Prague, however, stands out

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Tierheim Berlin: Rescue and Redemption

Those of you who know me personally, know that I can be impulsive and when I get an idea in my head, I move fast. Over the holidays I signed up for a cat-sitting website, and stumbled on the website of the Berliner Tierheim, the animal shelter. Scrolling through the list of problematic cats up

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Christmas is Cancelled This Year

It has been a really, really rotten year, or to be exact, 18 months. Destiny has had a cruel way of showering me with all sorts of negative things beginning with the letter D: death, divorce, deficit, drama, damage, darkness, decline, defeat, denial, disappointment, disagreement, disapproval, distrust, and now depression. I hate the letter D

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