In Love All Over Again

There is a new presence in my life that has made all the difference, and I have been completely swept off my feet. After weeks of pain, insomnia, restlessness, and going through the motions wishing that things could be lighter, easier, better, I found what I was looking for.

A turning point, a leap into the deep end, and a shot in the dark. Hell yeah!

Change is never easy, and sometimes hanging on to the nostalgia of the past will never bring me forward. That much is clear. Much as it pained me to part with a trusted, familiar and faithful companion, it was time. The increasing pain was just too much to bear and I could not go on like this if I want to enjoy life and follow my passions.

He is 100% German, sexy, independent, hails from a proud heritage, is loud, stubborn, not easily budged from his place, can be gentle and wild, but always firm and steady. He springs into action at my touch, and with the lightest caress to the side, he purrs or roars, depending on what my fancy is. He may not be cuddly, but he doesn’t smoke, or smell strange, and is always up for a challenge.

It took me a while to take the plunge and make up my mind.
Was I ready for the next step?
Could I risk yet another change in my already burdened life?
Then a little voice inside of me whispered –
Will you ever be ready?
Is there such a thing at the right time?

It was literally a case of no-pain-no-gain. My life changed overnight, and now I wake up full of plots and plans instead of just pots and pans. My new Bosch kitchen aid MUM 5 is absolutely wonderful and the pain in my fingers, hands and wrists is slowly easing up. Homesteading just became easier!

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