The Zen of Cat

I have a basket that I take along with me to the garden, regardless of whether my intention is to work, read or contemplate the universe. I throw in my phone, camera, Kindle, thermos, reading glasses (ugh, so unglamorous), garden clippers, gloves, and the weight of the world. I usually don’t end up using all of them, but I like to be prepared for any eventuality! But the time I leave a couple of ours later, I usually have a much lighter bag, because the weight of the world get buried among the mulch somewhere, instead of ranting.

I am thrilled that Cherry has pulled up her old girl pants and finally decided to brave it and join me there as well. She finally figured out that this is where everyone disappears to and she has began exploring further and further away. I am so proud of her, and even more so that she comes when she is called, not necessarily to follow me home or around, but basically to check in and let me know all is well.

The models of the afternoon were Xico and Inky, my regular companions in the garden who love to play tag in the sunshine and leap over the different levels. They are the classic example of play hard, chill seriously. It is because of them that I now have my zoom lens attached all the time, because I wanted to catch some of these wonderful serene moments.

It was a wonderful and peaceful afternoon, in the company of some great zen teachers. The ability of cats to calm their minds and bodies with such ease and elegance is something to be envied and emulated.

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