The Rabbit Syndrome

Lent just began last week and Easter is a little over five weeks away, but I am beginning to feel like a bunny already. By this I don’t mean the cute and sweet chocolate type, or the pastel coloured fluffy ones you find in toy shops. No, the rabbit I refer to is the one that munches on greens all day… or should.

Remember I told you about the weekly fruit and vegetable delivery from the farmer? As they call it on Master Chef, it’s a Mystery Box because I never know what I will receive. I know that I am sick and tired of sweet potatoes, having mashed, boiled, roasted, fried them, made rösti and gnocchi out of them as well, but they keep showing up week after week. Oh and I made sweet potato butter as well. The rest of the box varies, though there are seasonal items that become a constant for a few weeks before they disappear again, like kiwis. I have kiwis in abundance at the moment which I am definitely not complaining about! However, the farm has been churning out a lot of fresh leafy greens as of late and I can’t keep up. It’s not that I am ungrateful, on the contrary, I feel incredibly blessed for the freshness and the vitamins, but I can’t help but laugh and act like Bugs Bunny each time I open my fridge and be greeted by this:

Ehhh, what’ up Doc?

All the other things are hidden behind the green wall, including the battalion of carrots! So I can either drown in salads or cook whatever can be thrown into a pan, the choice is the rabbit’s!

I know it is the year of the Water Rabbit in Chinese astrology, but I didn’t think it would mean being inundated with leaves. If I wanted to, I could even throw in some fresh dandelion leaves from the fields around me! Good grief, am I going to start growing long ears?

So last night, in the spirit of looking at life with a sense of humour, I looked at the situation in the following manner:

Believe me when I say that for once I wished Cherry were a rabbit instead of a cat so she could help chew on some of these. I forgot to add the apples and kiwis for this, but my brain was misfiring at this hour already.

Wishing you all a healthy and leafy Friday!

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