Reality Checks and Cats

The combination of rain, wind, laundry and cats is never a good one. Nothing will ever go as planned, and in the end, the damn cat wins. Why am I grumbling? Well, I decided to run a load of laundry, and following the suggestion of a friend, I set up the drying racks in the meditation area, which is a covered area outdoors, a terrace if you may. With the current weather we have in the Mafra and Malveira area, and the includes the Shire, there is zilch chance of sunshine at the moment, so I relied of the wind.

Well, all was well until this morning when I looked out onto the terrace, contemplating whether to retrieve the laundry or not. As it turned out, there was nothing to retrieve! The wind knocked the rack over at some time in the night, and one of the outdoor cats who normally sleeps in that area, made himself very much at home in his new “tent”. I saw Xico through the window and started laughing because he was fast asleep without a care in the world, stirring only when I turned the lock.

Normally he kicks up a fuss when I open the door and tries to sneak in (and has succeeded a few times, much to the chagrin of Cherry). When eating up on the rooftop, you can always count on him to show up and make a royal pest of himself. He just wants to be adopted and be the king of the castle! But he understands his place ever since Cherry arrived, in fact, all the Milk Bar customers do. Madam sits at the doorway or window and fluffs up, sporting her grumpiest scowl possible.

On the other hand, there are three juvenile delinquents who have planted themselves at the kitchen window 24/7. They are friendly and adorable, if a tad impatient and impertinent, but not destructive or intrusive. This trio Cherry likes and tolerates, even when they are hammering at the window and clamouring for their breakfast. I haven’t been able to catch them all on camera together, because in spite of their bravado, they don’t appreciate or understand the camera or phone.

It’s like living inside the Aristocats movie sometimes. They are all characters and I have truly lost track of how many Milk Bar customers I have now and half the time I feel I should have “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” playing in the background constantly! Many of them are warming up to me and don’t run for cover the moment they see me.

The laundry is a lost cause and I have to do it all over again this weekend, but truth be told, I really don’t mind. Giving these cats shelter and comfort is heartwarming. I like the fact that they feel at home in the Frobbit House, despite the resident grump.

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