A Walk in the Shire

We took a sunset walk today and of course the camera came along! The following images are a testimony to the beauty of the land I call home now, and a celebration of a perfect moment in time shared with my daughter. It felt as though my mother was looking down on us, offering me the gift of clouds and message from the heavens that all is well.

It is easy to get lost in the clouds around here, especially when they offer such drama and textures. I was caught between wanting to walk in a cinematographic manner with music in the background, and simply savouring the silence. The dogs all along the path solved that dilemma, as the chorus of canines serenaded our journey. A couple of cats tagged along for good measure, which made me wonder what Cherry would have thought of the terrain and the views. Considering how overwhelmed she is at the moment, I think I will skip the outdoor walks for now. I don’t think her wooly little brain can take much more.

So in spite of the long work day, the reward for being chained to the desk for all the hours was the escape to nature and the clouds. This is true wealth, and not a bank statement.

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