The Frobbit Among the Clouds

It was the strangest feeling not to rush to bed last night knowing that I no longer had to get up at 04:30! I slept like a log and ever so reluctantly woke up at 6:00 instead. As is my morning habit, the first thing I do when I get up is open the windows and let the fresh air in and new energy. I love the view from up here and feel empowered in so many ways when I look out over the Mafra and Malveira valley. But today was different. I could barely see the neighbours because of the low-flying clouds! We were blanketed in white and grey clouds and visibility was three meters tops. I had to grin to myself because the last time I experienced this was in Dharamshala, many years ago and found it incredibly spiritual and moving back then, and this morning as well. Fog is depressing, but to be swollowed up in a cloud is just surreal. It is probably the next best thing to gliding or flying among them. If only one could cloud surf, and not of the digital variety!

What visibility? ©FrogDiva Photography

It was the kind of weather where you would say that even the birds were on foot today, if they even ventured out. There were no early morning customers at the feline milk bar either, as I assumed they too also chose to remain in bed. Speaking of which, I have a new customer at the kitty milkbar! She (?) came around yesterday as a wingcat for Xico, and decided she liked the new dive. So far, if my count is right, I have five customers, of which three are regulars. There are a few more curious onlookers milling around, but they have yet to summon up the courage to jump on the bandwagon or the windowsill.

Newest customer ©FrogDiva Photography

The clouds this morning were a stark contrast to the clear sky last night. The valley by day is quite spectacular, but at night it takes my breath away. I truly miss my other camera gear that is still parked in Berlin, because that has a super zoom lens that is perfect for the moon shots. but for what I had in mind last night, it was enough.

Most of you know of my passion for photographing clouds, or The Cloud Dialogues, as I call the ongoing series. If water was my calling in Vila Franca, up here in the Shire the clouds have called to me again, uplifting my spirits to the skies.

My Spirit Soars I ©FrogDiva Photography
from The Cloud Dialogues

It has been a blessed Monday, the highlight of which was the arrival of a marvelous surprise at the my door ths afternoon. A very rattled delivery person looking a bit begraggled from the drive up here, smiled happily when i opened the door. I was expecting a completely different delivery service, more of the electronic kind, so I was stunned speechless when she returned from her van with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! A floral cloud if you please, sent from distant shores.

There are some truly special people in my life who know me at my very core, and for this presence and joy that they bring, I have no words other than Thank You! MJS, you know the depth this is comiing from, and your cloud has place of pride in the Frobbit House.

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