The Elements Within

We are composed of the five elements –

Water – Movement, change, transition, renewal, cleansing, flow, release.

Elements: Water ©FrogDiva Photography

Fire – Ignition, transformation, tame,, courage, rebirth.

Elements: Fire ©FrogDiva Photography

Air – Breath, life, focus, decision.

Elements: Air ©FrogDiva Photography

Earth – Grounding, growth, roots, heritage, security, building, healing.

Elements: Earth ©FrogDiva Photography

Spirit – Connection, stillness, serenity, enlightenment, communication, knowledge, being.

Elements: Spirit ©FrogDiva Photography

Wherever we go, we carry them with us.
We are nature.
We change, move, transform, breathe, and live.
We close chapters. We begin again.
We are.

For GR and FZ – as you embark on a new chapter.

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