When The Camera Went For A Walk

I had a date with my camera this weekend we decided to catch up on some long overdue conversations. As far as dates go, this was a pretty successful one, as it took us to a new corner of Lisbon as well as an intimate exploration of Vila Franca. It was the perfect date – excellent light, soul-moving thoughts, and life-affirming images that reminded me why I rely on photography so much for my own mental health.

I lost track of time and for a moment even my sense of direction (when do I ever have that with me anyway?!). Loved the textures, colours, the silent corners, and the joyful conversations that I stumble upon along the way. All in all I felt at peace and knew that I was in the right corner of the world.

Vila Franca has a long history that dates back to the Neolithic Age, and you have that magical sense of history when strolling through the little alleys, so removed from the metropolitan world of Lisbon. How I wish the cobblestones could tell me stories of bygone ages, the people who have walked through the village just like I did, and the turning points in people’s lives that were marked by one door or another.

The clothing of the people might have changed, but that rich culture and intense sense of belonging the people have to the place is palpable. Why on earth would I ever want to live anywhere else?

All images ©FrogDiva Photography

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