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The shot of the day is one I took in Pisa a few years ago and have always loved. It brings together composition, storytelling, textures, colours and life philosophy. Well, to me at least. When I first spotted the window I immediately thought of Romeo and Juliet, easily picturing Juliet peeking out in her full regalia and hoping to catch a glimpse of her Romeo. But the longer I stood there the more I wanted to be part of the scenery, watch life pass by and study every minute detail.

On the other hand, I look at this window and consider being on the other side, feeling trapped and wanting to escape the confines of the room, but facing too many barriers. Suddenly I was Juliet, seeing only the shutters, the metal railings, and the altitude. There is no escape.

Oh my dear Juliet, that is not true! Look again, and understand that an open window allows sunshine and fresh air in, making you somehow a part of the outside world even if you are not at ground level among the others. You are never really completely cut off. Besides, if you are willing to take the risk, to be brave, courageous enough to face danger in the face, a balcony is the perfect escape route, a gateway to freedom.

So I ask you, my dear reader, what is your balcony? Does Plan B mean a backup balcony for you as well!

Windows of destiny ©FrogDiva Photography

What inspired me to dig up the old window today? As usual, something that happened during the day or the day before. I was considering my insurance options here in Portugal, specifically health insurance. I only qualify for the company in September but am not comfortable waiting that long and certainly don’t fancy paying the expensive German one when I no longer live in the country! So I went down the rabbit hole and explored.

I stumbled on a popular healthcare plan being offered via my bank, which I can basically apply for immediately as long as I have proof of residency. Ho hum fiddlesticks! Well that can only happen next month, which probably isn’t too bad since it is my birthday month and won’t forget to pay for it each year.

I clicked on the various links and plans, discovering that there was one for people between 18-30, with an interesting coverage tier. The next one was more of a travel insurance so I moved along. Much to my amusement, there was one for the next age group, beginning with my age next month going up to 65 or so. That in itself was not an issue at all, but the fact that this was called the Vintage category! Excuse me?! I’m vintage now? Holy crapadoodle! I will agree to mid-lifer, matron, even post-menopausal, but vintage? What am I, a car or old cabinet destined for the museum?

Needless to say I was offended, my ageing sensibilities and dignity taking a nosedive at light speed. I am perfectly aware that I am not getting any younger, but vintage?! OK, maybe if I think of myself as wine or cheese it might be less offensive, but that would mean having to be relegated to a cold dark cellar for several years before I am properly aged and can exude my full bouquet. Nope. Not happening. Life is too good to miss out on.

You guessed it, now I’m scouting out Plan B, waiting for the perfect window of opportunity. Vintage indeed. Hrmph!

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