A Masked Moment

I stood at my usual spot at the station this morning waiting for the train to arrive. As I watched the last batch of passengers alight from the stairs and march hurriedly towards the platform, my eyes fell on a man all dressed in black. Slim fitting jeans, short sleeved polo, sleek jet black hair and a chiselled jaw to die for! His trim figure exuded confidence and power, temperament and fire, but also eyes with eyes that shone with coquettish gentleness.

He parked his luggage about a metre behind me and began digging through his backpack and crossbody pouch with a fury and frustration that escalated by the second. If he were a dragon, smoke would’ve been coming out of his nostrils already. Unable to resist the sense of desperation, I turned and asked if he needed help. He spluttered and muttered about not having his mask with him to board the train. Lucky for him (and me) I always carry spares! I quietly reached into my bag, pulled out a sealed mask pack and handed it over wordless, holding his gaze.

The shock on his face was palpable and almost comical. I suppose my gesture was the last thing he expected. It took him a few seconds before he remembered his manners and thanked me profusely. I smiled through my own mask, turned and boarded the train, honestly hoping he would be right behind me. Alas, he remained on the platform clearly waiting for the next train.

I took a window seat that was directly in front of the masked stranger, who had lit up a cigarette by now. He looked up, locked eyes with me and smiled broadly, as he folded his hands together in the Asian greeting of peace. Of course I reciprocated! just as the train began moving away. Will we ever cross paths (masks) again? Who knows… but my story today is almost like a chapter of a kitschy romance book. And that , boys and girls is how I started my Wednesday morning!

Well that and these wonderful hints from the universe:

Hints from the Universe I ©FrogDiva Photography
Hints from the Universe II ©FrogDiva Photography

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