The Voices – A Letter

Dear HK,

this one is for you, my soul sister, fellow warrior, non-conformist, seeker, traveller, and empowered woman. When we met in 1992, I knew you would make an indelible difference in my daughter’s life, but little did I know how much you would change mine in the process. Our bond grew over lessons, odysseys of the mind, books, the pursuit of justice, peace, but most importantly, the search for our authentic self as we struggled with our roles in life.

We have grown, we have grown older, loved, yearned, lost, and fought many a battle individually. Life has a funny way of pulling us apart when we need each other most, but here’s the thing, for the kind of love and bond we have as soul sisters, time and distance don’t really matter. It’s not about the frequency of the calls, but the intensity of the messages that we exchange, and the power of the thoughts we convey.

Berlin has been both a battle and breaking ground for both of us, but if it has proven anything, it is that we are resilient and no amount of bullying, mobbing, abuse, neglect, or perceived failure can ever break us completely.

Be the phoenix HK, don’t be consumed by the fires within and around you. Yes, you will burn, and it will hurt, but it is temporary – and you will emerge transformed and serene, but stronger than ever. I joke about being Prof. McGonagall, but it was never JK Rowling who inspired this thought, it has always been you, the teacher who always has her students’ back and loved them as your own children.

Listen to the Voices ©FrogDiva Photography

We’ve always given each other the gift of words over the years, and as we celebrate 20 years of friendship this year, I give you three secrets that have gotten me through the darkest times – listen to three voices, HK, with your eyes, heart and soul.

Listen to nature – and what it can teach you about finding peace and strength no matter what the season or weather. Be the flower that leans towards the light even on a rainy day. Find your depth in the roots that run within you. Branch out in any direction your soul points you to. Be the vine that is unafraid to climb unknown walls.

Listen to you conscience – if you know in your heart that your are facing injustice, being asked to compromise your core values and principles, or being humiliated in the cruelest of ways, then walk away. Walk away and find a new path. I will be there to cheer you on.

Listen to the voices around you – you have always taught your students to express themselves, but also to listen for the true messages hidden behind the words. India taught you this as well. Sometimes the voices within us are too conflicted to make sense, so we find ourselves needing to find someone to help get us back on track. You were the one who taught me all about people being in our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime. They are all voices, my dearest sister, and they all bring a lesson or two, but most importantly, they have taught us when to let go.

In eternal sisterhood,

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