The Light At Dawn

This is dedicated to MQ, who asked me the other day what my personal shade of blue was. My answer then was Blue Hour blue, keeping in mind Blue Hour at dusk. It’s difficult to give it a proper name, because it all depends on what part of the hemisphere you find yourself in, the season, and of course the amount of light. Tropical Blue Hour, for example, is very different from Nordic Blue Hour in summer or central European Blue Hour in Winter. Even when photographing within India, sunrise in Punjab is very different from Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad or Mumbai.

Light at Dawn I ©FrogDiva Photography

The light here in the Iberian Peninsula takes on hues I haven’t seen in a long time and inspires something that borders between artistic and spiritual, and not just in the visual arts.

Light at Dawn II ©FrogDiva Photography

As I stepped out of the building this morning, I smiled at the gorgeous blue hues of dawn that greeted me, with two remaining stars to wish upon. Then I cast my gaze lower, to the marina and the bridge in the distance and my heart stopped. Two days ago I forfeited a marvelously dramatic set of clouds that floated by at sunset, but I was far too exhausted to haul my ass and gear back down again. Oh but this morning I was willing to even risk missing my train for the sight before me.

Light at Dawn III ©FrogDiva Photography

I knew I only had a few minutes to shoot, but I knew exactly what I wanted, so that is always half the battle won already. The thing about the particular shade of blue I chase is that it only lasts a few minutes. Blink and it’s gone. Carpe Diem!

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