Stand By Me

Remember this?

The choice of song came after I took the photographs this morning. As it has become my treasured routine now, I stopped by the cafe for my cappuccino and croissant, greeted cheerfully by the one and only senior barista of the place, GG. He smiles in recognition now even before I reach the counter, and then waves me off to take a seat while he prepares my brew. I’ve spotted at least four others who are regulars at the same hour, and there is something incredibly comforting about it. Some greet, others don’t, and it doesn’t really matter one way or another. I am there to write, not to chat.

What was different about today though, was the short walk from the cafe to the office. I spotted these two women ahead of me and it was such a poignant moment that I could not help but photograph it. See for yourself:

When I walked past them, I discretely turned around to figure out the relationship, and I concluded it was mother and daughter. I love the intimacy in their body language, the trust and understanding that exists between them. They were not talking, and were in no hurry either. It was wonderful to watch, and I could have followed them if there had been sufficient time.

So this is dedicated to all those who are in my life, new or long-standing, who stand by me no matter how the cookie crumbles. Thank you, for being there regardless of how and when you came into my life. You stood by me, stand by me, and if I wobble and stumble, I know I can reach out and find a hand.

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