Monday Morning Musings

MMM – now there’s a thought for a new blog, but no, I have enough on my plate at the moment. I keep thinking of the Bangles’ hit song from the 1980s-Just Another Manic Monday. It suits me to a tee.

Some of you must have been wondering… what, no blog for three days? Yeah, I asked myself the same thing but I was so drained that I needed to disconnect, seriously disconnet, and retreat inwardly. I am so eager and anxious to move out of the hostel, looking forward to my new home, but the deal is not sealed yet, so I am on the edge of my seat. Keep your fingers crossed, light a candle and whatever other forces or encantations you can chant for me! I desperately need this, having reached my outer limit of hostel life.

Sorry, didn’t want to be to morose on the first day of the new week, so let me cheer you up with this funny re-interpretation of the days of the week, inspired by something I stumbled on in Pinterest:

  • SINday (oh let’s not count the ways
  • MOURNday (we mourn the loss of the weekend end)
  • TEARSday (Mournday’s evil twin)
  • WASTEDday (sigh, got distracted again and lost so much time along the ways)
  • THIRSTday (from the sprint of the previous day)
  • FIGHTday (box and claw your way out of the week)
  • SHATTERday (my personal favourite… when you get to fall apart in your comfort zone)

Then there is this amusing Monday checklist which is apt for so many. It’s hilarious when you first read it, but considering the state of the world at the moment, when you take a closer look, it’s not that funny after all:

It’s Monday:
* Not in jail
* Not in the hospital
* Not in a casket
Thank God for another day.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, may your day be inspired and full of miracles.

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