The Call Of A Window

I have had the great fortune to have lived in places over the years and have that one window that provided an artist’s canvas in terms of variations of a single view. It is all in the light and what a difference it makes. These have always been more than just photographic adventures, they are in effect, attempts to touch the infinite and the undefinable.

My fascination with light and the magic it casts over a skyline began in Bangkok:

Then I moved toback to Berlin, and had the pleasure of witnessing river life and light. Many of you have followed the stories, and here is a summary of the light moments

An now I have my little hostel window in Lisbon. It may not be as spectacular as any of the above, but there is a charm about it nevertheless. It’s only been a week, but it is the beginning of a wonderful friendship with the Portuguese light.

In Manila I didn’t have a window with a view, rather, I had a favourite rock along Manila Bay on which I loved to sit and let the drama unfold. I returned to same spot each time and no two views were ever alike.

“The infinite is a light sleeper. The moment the self awakens, the force of the infinite begins to stir.”
— John O’Donohue.


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