Leaf Me Tender

Far too many photographers and camera owners focus on flowers and petals. Mind you, there is some absolutely brilliant work out there, especially in black and white or abstract, but at some point the cynical side of the FrogDiva in me takes over and has a deep-seated urge to swim upstream. Why simplify when you can complicate matters, right? Please don’t answer that rhetorical grumbling…

Summer is a cornucopia of unavoidable flowers and petals, and if you a garden aficionado you know exactly what I mean. For my camera, spring and autumn offer the more intriguing options to photograph simply because the colours a vibrancy like no other. The freshness of the spring greens is almost edible, whereas the stunning elegance of the autumn leaves is breathtaking as it is melodramatic.

Case in point:

if you know what you are looking for and how to translate it through your camera lens, then leaves can tell a fascinating tales. Flowers were placed in the world for poetry, their petals and centres the verses and stanzas of the soul, but the true storytellers of nature are the leaves. They speak of rebirth, tragedy. loss, abandonment, sorrow, and resilience.

These are my personal favourites in terms of leafy stories. Remember, I am a suspense thriller writer, so this spills over into my photography as well…

The last image in the set above was taken two days ago. I included the fence in the background on purpose as a sign of the times. Life goes on in spite of all the obstacles.

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