Reflections On A Rainy Day

I worked until the wee hours of the morning last night. Correction. Dawn had already broken by the time I went to bed so I struggled a bit with concentration this morning. It was also cold, windy and rainy, so all I really felt like doing was curling up under a blanket and going back to sleep. the cats did, so why shouldn’t I? Instead, Maike and I decided to give the frogtography a go again and try out something new.

Reflections on a rainy day ©FrogDiva Photography

The concept of portrait reflections on a table had been nagging me for a while now, and wouldn’t just leave me in peace. Up until two days ago I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off smoothly with my bootleg studio set-up. There is something magical about July, bursting with good vibes, the best of intentions, and that deep sense of being on the verge of something big – perhaps the breakthrough I have been waiting for? In any case, my little bootleg studio got a little upgrade yesterday and it was as if a curtain had lifted from my eyes. It became perfectly obvious to me that the black granite table was the perfect prop, and there was no need to dismantle the mirror in the hallway.

The cats dashed for cover when my backdrop came up. I also broke a jar of fig jam in the process, with glass exploding in all directions in the conservatory and leaving a disgusting goobeblygoopygooey (ha! try saying that five times in a row) mess under the table, but do you think I cared? Not one bit!

One of the natural light photography webinars I attended during #lockdown2020 encouraged us not to be disheartened by cloudy days because you can produce portraits with very interesting lighting effects. He was, of course, absolutely right. All the images you see above were shot entirely with natural light in the conservatory.

So, now that I am fully awake, inspired, and encouraged to march on, I shall put the blog to rest for today and go back to my writing and studies. Sigh, did I really say I wanted to be come a digital nomad?

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