Taking A Stand: #blackouttuesday

If you are active on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, you will be seeing a lot of black today together with #blackouttuesday. The movement began with the US music industry, when two artists chose to take a stand and not release any new music this week, in solidarity with the protests against the events surrounding George Floyd – #TheShowMustBePaused. The idea is to disrupt the work week “from the boardroom to the boulevard”, and this uncannily transports me back to 1986, when Filipinos took to the streets in civil disobedience and began People Power.

This latest incident of police brutality in the US has taken on an unprecedented worldwide ripple effect, with artists, athletes, media and social media campaigns around the globe going silent today, June 2, 2020.

Some began the blackout by posting the black screens or squares with the existing and ongoing movement #blacklivesmatter but this raised other protests, saying that all lives matter. The use of the phrase and hashtag all lives matter raised some controversy on various fronts, one being the opinion that it downplays the struggle of the Black Lives Matter movement against structural racism. People are being asked to change the hashtag to #blackouttuesday instead, not only to show solidarity but also to distinguish between the information dissemination requirements for the protests and other events of the Black Lives Matter movement.

If you wish to take a stand against all forms of racism and in solidarity with the all those being discriminated for their colour, religion, or race, take a stand.

Not just for a day.
Not just for your social media ratings.
Not just because everyone else is doing it.

Do it because you care.
Do it because you care about your brethren.
Do it because you understand.
Do it because it matters to you.
Do it because you want others to understand.


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  1. That isn’t why the hashtag was changed, it’s because everyone using the blacklivesmatter hashtag were flooding it, making it hard for people who needed it to spread information about the protests. It was because the use of the hashtag in solidarity was inadvertently silence black voices. If this country was acting as if “all lives matter” this wouldn’t be happening. #blacklivesmatter

  2. RIP George and all the others who have gone before, and sadly, who have yet to come. To the police, national guard and military in the US … you are being used …. not all of you behave like this. Stand up for your citizens…

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