Inverted World

Anyone who has ever been to Delhi will unavoidably pass by or through Lodhi Gardens, one of my favourite places to be in that marvellous city I used to call home. I loved it so much that it features prominently in Wings At Dawn – for very good reasons. It is majestic, peaceful, mysterious, dynamic, and just pulsating with life in spite of the fact that the main attraction there are actually tombs and ruined mosques.

I’ve held on to most of my photographs of Lodhi Gardens, not just for sentimental reasons, but because I needed them for the details, and of course, to practice a few post-processing skills. If I could turn back time and re-visit every single place I have every photographed with the knowledge I carry with me today, I would. Sadly, time travelling is currently restricted to the virtual world and I do what I can to fly away as often as possible through software.

FrogDiva Photography just got overhauled (again) and in the process of restructuring and digging through my archives, I unearthed some marvellous Lodhi Gardens treasures which I immediately re-edited for a new lease on life:

Then I began pottering around with the last image, and decided that it was far too boring to just re-invent the wheel, so to speak, thereby adamantly refusing to do something ordinary with it. As I sat in front of the screen with a black and white version of the photograph, I clicked on “invert” just to see what would happen – and never looked back!

One thing led to another, and before I bore you with all the gory details, suffice it to say that I had a blast fiddling around with the image, until I was ready to launch it online. I would like to believe that I achieved that mysterious and eerie atmosphere that you would have if you walked into Lodhi Gardens after midnight. This is certainly not going to be a regular feature, but every once in a while it is worthwhile experimenting and pushing the limits over and beyond the comfort zone! After all, we are living in an inverted world at the moment!

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