Seven Years Difference

No, the cat is not for sale or up for adoption.
Yes, she is real.
No, she does not model regularly.
Yes, she struggles to stay awake.
Yes, attention span is very limited.

OK, take a moment to figure out who exactly I am talking about: the cat or the woman? Actually, both. There is a seven (human) year age difference between these two adorable beings, one being 22 and the other 15, both with beautiful eyes, equally beautiful souls. Maike and Lolita were made for each other, in the sense that they can space out for prolonged periods, and let time pass in the most surreal and existential manners. Daydreamers extraordinaire!

One of them struggles with attention deficit disorder (ADD), and the other with dementia (cognitive disfunction), so either way, they can easily go off on a tangent and have no clue why they are standing in the middle of the room in the first place. Oh but I love them both so! Before you get the impression that both far out beings on another planetary time zone, let me say that they are acutely aware of the moods and emotions of those around them. Mindfulness and sensitivity are at the core of their souls, brimming with love to share and will bloom when showered with kindness and patience.

The photograph was part of a mini series we shot one afternoon in conjunction with the Girls with Pearls project, one for the first of the #lockdown and #socialdistancing projects. The inclusion of Lolita was not on the cards, as she was fast asleep when we began. She still looks half asleep in the photo even though she is wide awake and was half listening to prompts to look towards the camera. Persian cats just have that permanently grumpy look … She may be mega ditsy, but when lucid she does pose for a minute or two. So as a photographer I have a very small window to work with if Lolita is involved, otherwise the curtain of darkness comes down again, and I can’t get the light back into her eyes for several hours.

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