On Covidiots and Fakeaways

I learned two new words since the start of the pandemic which will be very difficult to unlearn once lockdowns will be lifted in the coming months: Covidiot and Fakeaway.

A coividiot is self-explanatory: one who hoards unnecessarily copious amounts of (toilet paper) consumable items thereby depriving others of a chance to buy some for themselves; completely disregards social distancing, and has no sense of safety when it comes to hygiene. Selfish beyond comprehension, thinking only of themselves, and spreading false information. Sound like anyone you know?

A fakeaway is, much to my horror, the new way of referring to home-cooked meals during isolation that are presented in proper crockery and not plastic or tin foil wrapping. In other words, you imitate the take-away food at home.

I find both terms completely moronic but sadly, they are both a reflection of the times we live in. How many people have forgotten how to cook meals at home from scratch or never even tried? I keep seeing covidiots post their failed attempts on fakeaway simply because they were too incompetent to open up / download / look up a recipe and follow basic instructions. Makes me wonder what kind of parenting has been going on in the last few years? Has independent living become so dependent on bought food and home delivery that cooking something from scratch is so complicated? I understand the temptation to pick up the phone and call in for food rather than potter around in the kitchen. But here’s the thing, if you had a good teacher, and supportive friends and family to motivate you along the way, like everything else, practice makes perfect. Well, perfection in cooking and baking is very subjective, but at least it is bound to be much more nutritious than the fast foods.

But why re-invent the wheel unnecessarily? Why must good old home cooking be referred to as fakeaway, when there are thousands of restaurants out there trying their best to market their food as “just as good as home cooking” or “just like Mom’s” and “Grandma’s recipe”. Good home cooking should be celebrated as that, anchored at the hearth and done with the heart, and not downgraded to something mass produced outside.

As for the covidiots, well, the term may be temporary but it certainly sheds light on a lot bizarre behaviour during a crisis, ranging from illogical reactions to the manner in which a nation is governed.

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