Re-creating Old Hollywood Glamour: Bette Davis

Pardon me for tooting my own horn, but I say we nailed it with the Bette Davis look! This photography project is turning out to be so much fun and both model and photographer are very happy with the results. Of course, you don’t get to see all the duds that came before the final ones, but when I end up with at least ten viable shots to process and then narrow it down even further to five for the published series, I say that is definitely a wrap!

Bette D. Re-born! II ©FrogDiva Photography

Since Maike is responsible for her make-up and hair styling, we sift through the thousands of photos online to choose a look that suits her and which I think would be possible for me to capture, given the conditions I insist on working with – natural light. For the Bette Davis look I used an ND +2 filter on top of a UV filter, but even more importantly, a step ladder. A lot of these old Hollywood shots are taken from a top angle, which is no problem for a tall photographer, but at 152cm, I have issues obtaining the desired angle by just sticking to ground level.

Photography aside, I have to admit that this project would never have come into existence without the lockdown. But rather than sulking and resenting the restricted movements and social distancing, we decided to join forces and do something that uplifts our spirits. Some parents are doing the unmistakably German thing and taken the “bastel” – arts and crafts – path (OMG how I hate that word and concept!), or took up a sport, while others are indulging in the kitchen (which we also do) and carpentry. The lesson here is that there is always, always a silver lining to turn to, and in case you haven’t been listening to the universal forces at work: back to basics, nature your core, and family time.

Click HERE for the complete Bette Davis Eyes series

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