Re-creating Old Hollywood Glamour: Lucille Ball

When model and photographer are confined together under one roof, it is almost inevitable that some quickly photographs are churned out. Like I mentioned yesterday, none of this is planned and we play up the look depending on our moods, spontaneity and fun being the key words here.

There is enough bizarreness going on the world at the moment, so if we can escape reality for the briefest of moments and immerse ourselves in a self-created world of fantasy and glamour, why not?

Jane Russell Look-alike and Cat ©FrogDiva Photography

We’ve been paying homage to the Hollywood divas of the Golden Era, starting with Jane Russell and Greta Garbo, discovering, much to our delight, that this was one of the productive and creative ways of coping with cabin fever. So today we paid homage to the unforgettable Lucille Ball whose wit and humour livened our lives between 1928 – 1989. Yes, my age is definitely showing when I say that I loved watching the I Love Lucy shows as a child. It was good clean fun, and in spite of the chaos, I loved the relationship she had with her best friend on the show.

Loving Lucille Ball II ©FrogDiva Photography

We can all use a bit of fun and laughter amidst the darkness and despair, each coping in whichever way they can.

Stay safe.
Stay home.
Stay sane.

Click HERE for the complete series.

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