Night Wanderings

Some authors take notes and are constantly scribbling in a journal or notebook. Details are important to me and are essential to many scenes in my books. Describing them with accuracy depends entirely on the mood and frame of mind I might find myself in when tackling that particular chapter. Photography and literary activity is the perfect combination for me because it saves me a lot of unnecessary flights of imagination. I capture the moment for a later day or scene and can work around the perspective in any given way without ruining the dynamics.

De-tales ©FrogDiva Photography

Berlin by night is fascinating. Much as I hate winter, I have to admit there is a certain charm and appeal that lends itself to the writers imagination. I suppose the fact that I have spent most of my life in large metropolitan areas (Mexico City, Manila, New Delhi, Thailand, and now Berlin) makes me pre-disposed to be caught up in this night world and allow my imagination to churn out stories and tales.

Although I pine for the ocean and the silence of the countryside for my personal well-being, there is nothing quite like a sleazy train station or the corner where mysterious skyscrapers become the perfect scenario for an illegal deal within the pages of a book! As far as Berlin is concerned, the dinkier the better, and there is an abundance of such stations around town!

De-tales II ©FrogDiva Photography

My hands might have been close to freezing point and very reluctant to emerge from the warmth of my pockets, but my brain insisted on seizing the moment for posterity. Note-taking with images takes concentration because I need to strike a balance between the writer and photographer within me, and cater to both needs. So when I shoot for a scene, the story is already developing in my mind, and that is no easy job. There are days I will wander aimlessly in search of inspiration or a trigger, and it might even take weeks before I find the right time and place. Last night was one such moment.


  1. Speaking of photography and writing…have you ever taken a look or read Rebecca Norris Webb, I think you would like her, poetic imagery is her style. She’s the wife of Street Photographer and layering maestro Alex Webb.

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