Ignore and Embrace

Falling through the Cracks ©FrogDiva Photography

Sleep deprivation and other issues are haunting me at the moment, draining me of energy faster than my freezer can defrost. It has been an eventful week, to say the least, but also one where I have had several Eureka! moments, bringing me peace of mind.

Before anything else, indulge me and let me get something off my chest: if I hear or read Black Friday Sale one more time in any shop or internet ad I will shoot the window or screen. Whoever came up with this consumerism demon deserves to be quartered, salted and hung out to dry in the middle of the Sahara. It is an abomination and a ridiculous marketing gag that the entire world seems to have adopted for the sake of profit. This should be renamed as the Day of Mammon or Plutus because there is nothing to gain and everything to lose.

I resent my inbox being flooded with Black Friday schemes, offers, or threats to take advantage of the Black Friday sale or else my soul will be doomed for the next 12 months. People, my soul is doomed already one way or another with all the bills that have to be paid and Christmas coming up, so why add fuel to the fire and rock the boat even harder?


Thank you.

I am the type of photographer who tends to spot certain things depending on the frame of mind governing me at the moment. Case in point the photograph above… ordinarily I would simply step over the grid and hurry into the warm office building, but this morning, in spite of the gusty winds and dreadfully low temperatures, something caught my eye. Mind you, this was right in front of a car and I had to crop the wheel and front bumper! My hands were nearly frozen and I hoped not to drop anything into the sewer, but there was something poignant about the leaves falling through the gaps and could not help but think to myself: this is me today.

It is by sheer willpower and faith that I manage to get from one point to another sometimes, and I bless all my meditation and spiritual mentors who taught me how to remain calm in the face of the storm. These are the moments when I wonder whether it would better to pray for a miracle or conjure up the most powerful spell I can find. Yin or Yang?

But storms are temporary, never constant, and although I cannot control them, I can steel myself and be my own anchor.

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