An Apple A Day… Week… Month

Last year I was swimming in pumpkins and barely knew what to do with it or myself. Enter Pinterest to the rescue and I tried every possible pumpkin recipe I could find, ad nauseam. Since then I swore never to have so much pumpkin in the house again – even though I ended up planting it and it crawled all over my balcony during spring and summer!

Apple Torture ©FrogDiva Photography

This year it is apples. I ended up with far too many apples after Halloween and have been swimming in them ever since. I used them as vegetable side dishes for dinner – sautéed or curried, have thrown them into every batter imaginable, which means bread, pancakes, pies, cakes, muffins, etc. and I still have about two more kilos to go. Two days ago I processed about five kilos worth of apples into apple sauce (delicious, by the way, with all that lemon, cinnamon and dash of vodka). I’ve thrown chopped apples into salads, omelettes and cereal. Apple soup, however, I cannot recommend, candied apples I don’t like, and yes, I tried the Austrian fried apple dumplings already. Apples and cheese in the evenings instead of grapes works fine with wine, but a strong cheese is necessary!

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and at the rate I am going I won’t be seeing a doctor for the next ten years or so! I wish I had parrots or parakeets to help me, or even a hippo! Because my two cats are utterly useless, wrinkling their non-existent noses at the sight and smell of another apple.

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