And I Thought I Had Problems!

Dear Human Blog Readers,
there is another cat, other than my divalicious self, who is taking the internet by storm. No, it is not another Grumpy Cat, who crossed the rainbow earlier this year, but something you humans refer to as “a chonker”. What an undignified term. Meet Cinderblock… overweight kitty who has been put on a weightloss program and has to – horror of horrors – use a treadmill.

I can’t blame her. We have a treadmill here at home and none of us, NONE of us will even go near it except to pee. But Cinderblock’s team is patient, and eventually they got her walking!

We are following her on IG and Twitter, and wish her all the best.

I mean, we all have issues. I lost all my hair and only wear PJs, Cherry never knows what she wants, but is willing to meow for it, and Lolita, well, she is lucky if she can figure out where she is.
Meowingly yours,

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