The Other Serenity Prayer

The original Serenity Prayer is something I have written about already, so I will not do so again. However, here is a new version of that prayer revised for all those going through a difficult time in their lives. It arrived in my life at a time when I had just embarked in the first journey of self-forgiveness, and my soul finds itself needing it again.

The Elegance of Fog II ©FrogDiva Photography

grant me the serenity to stop beating myself for not doing things perfectly. the courage to forgive myself because I am doing better,
and the wisdom to know that you already love me the way I am.

This morning the phrase “story of faith and mission of love” jumped out at me and I thought to myself that this is exactly what I would like my life to be all about, and described by others long after I am gone. After all, what would my life journey be worth with all the tunnels of darkness and valleys of light if I do not have faith to celebrate, rejoice or cling to? Everything I see, touch, do and experience is connected by two threads: faith and love; be it faith in God or fellow man, love for my work, passions, family and community.

The non-believers will refer to the projects in their lives, whereas those with the gift of faith will refer to their missions, and Catholics will often use the term Apostolate for the more challenging situations or people along the way. My personal mission of self-love is by far the most difficult to carry out, especially after experiences that have shattered my self worth several times over. It would be ridiculously easy to lash out and turn the tables on the narcissists, bullies, bureaucrats, criminals, thieves, frauds, racists and basically everyone else who consciously choose to make life difficult for others, but that would be immature, vengeful, just as criminal and simply ruin my soul. Why stoop down to their level and get just as dirty?

Maturity, after all, is knowing that I have the power to destroy someone who did me wrong but choose instead to walk away and let life do it for me.

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