Silver linings

There are people who look up at gathering clouds and will rush to seek cover or lament not having an umbrella with them. A lesson in cowardice.

Then there are others who won’t even feel the rain or twitch to the wind when it arrives. A lesson in isolationism.

Which One? ©FrogDiva Photography
Drummer Boys ©FrogDiva Photography
Real men drive pink ©FrogDiva Photography
Caring Hands ©FrogDiva Photography
The Cobbler ©FrogDiva Photography

At a time when things seem to have imploded within me, Life turns around and gives me something I have been waiting for, an affirmation of a life choice. My international accreditation as a freelance photojournalist!

For years I searched for my niche, insisting on sticking to the purity of photography and stay clear away from composites and collages. I needed to integrate my years of development work, the fascination with human interaction, and to capture life as it unravels before me.

Landscape photographer I am not, portraitist neither, and you would have to shoot me first before I ever accept an assignment on flowers. But capturing human drama is something I do in written form and through the lenses with passion. It took over a decade to figure it out, but becoming a documentary photographer brings me full circle, after having parted ways with this dream in 1987.

Visit the website Through Frog Eyes for the full range.

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