Monday Again?!

©FrogDiva Photography

Dear Human Blog Readers,
How can it be Monday again? It seems as though I barely got into the weekend mood and mode, and next thing I know Mom is heading out the door on her way to work. It rained all day yesterday and was pretty stormy late into the night. This morning we awoke to news of the devastation Storm Mortimer left in his path.

Monday morning in Berlin is cold, grey, with gusty winds. courtesy of Hurricane Mortimer. Not cat-friendly weather, and I bet you all my four paws that no dog is going to be happy to walk outside either. Thank goodness we cats don’t need walking. Cherry is getting antsy though, and has been itching to lounge out on the balcony, but she too has to admit that in these conditions, this would be a bad idea.

We cats don’t scare as much as dogs with thunder and lightning, at least I don’t. Lolita is half deaf anyway, so she doesn’t hear much, and Cherry will just roll over and ignore everything, or meditate in front of the window. Strong howling winds do make us a bit uneasy though. Dogs, on the other hand, are cowards, and will dive for cover under a human’s arm, legs, or blanket. But just in case your feline family member is a nervous creature, do what Mom does, and keep some rescue remedy drops on hand or anti-stress paste.

I’m not even supposed to be blogging during the week, but since Mom left the computer on, I might as well. Besides, I need to get back into the assistant Editor mode for Mom’s writing projects again, so I am practicing drinking (whoops, there goes my water bowl) eating and typing. Good thing we have a silicone cover over the keyboard!

Have a good start this week folks!
Meowingly yours,

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