Battle of the Wills

Stare-down ©FrogDiva Photography

Hello Human Blog Readers,

I finally get control of the laptop again after running around the apartment this morning, exploring Mom’s pots, playing whack-a-mole with a cardboard box, helping in the kitchen, and supervising the storage of boxes in the basement. A house cat’s work is never done, especially if the humans sleep at different times from us felines. Why they have to sleep at night I will never understand! At least Mom has odd sleeping hours and can carry on a conversation with me between 03:00 – 05:00. I know she is in a lot of pain, so I try to keep her mind off things. I miss excursions with her outdoors but with her injured shoulder, she can’t carry the backpack.

Mom is catching up on a lot of housework that has been postponed and procrastinated, some of it good, and the rest I fail to understand the purpose. She decided to change our drinking fountains, for example, claiming that the others retained far too much sediment, had to be cleaned too often, and blamed me for getting it dirty. Hrmph! Well if she won’t let me drink from the kitchen sink, and I can’t balance on the edge of the bathroom sink, the fountain is the only way to go. I just wish she would have bought a similar model. I don’ like the new fountain one bit, although it keeps the water cooler and cleaner much better. So I didn’t drink from it and stuck to the emergency tin bowl she keeps for me at night. Imagine my frustration when she took that away as well, insisting that I drink from the new fountain!

I went on strike for a day, and drank the water from the pots and did my business on the carpet as a sign of protest, thinking that she would come around and at least bring the bowl back. That didn’t get me very far though, and I still have to drink from the fountain. Geez she can be stubborn!

It has been three days since the installation of the new fountains and I finally gave in and drank from it. Not bad, but I can’t make as many gurgling noises as I used to with the other ones. Oh well, at least Mom hasn’t decided to do any more radical things around the house, just small changes here and there like switching the living and dining room around, moving all the plants around, and putting up mosquito nets on the windows and balcony door.

Meowingly yours,

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